Channel Search.

If you don’t have a Stofa box, perform a new channel search on your TV to watch digital channels.

Do you have a flat screen TV with a DVB-C tuner?
You can receive your channels digitally, if you have a flat panel display with a built-in DVB-C tuner.

Most TVs can make an automatic channel search, but be sure to do a digital search, not analogue. The tuner is usually specified on the back of the TV flat screen. If you’re unsure, refer to the instruction manual or look on the internet.

Note: you may occasionally be asked to select DVB-T (Antenna) or DVB-C (Cable TV) – select DVB-C here.

If the tuner has trouble finding the channels, you can enter the following manually:

  • Frequency: 346 MHz (346000 kHz)
  • Network ID: 0
  • Modulation: 64 QAM
  • Symbol rate: 6900 KS

For those with a Stofa SmartTV box

If you already have a SmartTV set, the box itself searches for new channels such as the new digital DR channels. Most channels have a new digital space, so if you have a farvourite list or some channels are locked, they must be set again.

If you can’t find channels…

Many channels are transmitted in both coded and uncoded versions at the site of free digital TV. Your TV some cases starts by finding the encoded version. If you’re looking for to the channel list, you will generally also receive the untagged version. On some TVs may be necessary to conduct the search “including encrypted channels”.